Friday, April 15, 2005

Turn Off the Alarm







I sit straight up in my bed, climb to the end of it, and slam my fist on top of my alarm, the beeping sound slowly fading from my mind.

At that exact moment, my roommate gets up, and also turns off her alarm.

But, it's not going off.

"Danielle...?" I say cautiously, remembering that she must have gotten in late last night because I went to bed late myself and I didn't hear her come in.

"'re not supposed to be up now..." I say slowly, remembering again that her class doesn't start for another couple of hours. She climbs out of bed, her eyes half-shut, and squints up at me.

"You serious?" Danielle says, walking over to her computer and moving her mouse so that it comes on.

"Um...yeah." I say, now climbing down my ladder to get a better view. Taking inventory while putting up my ladder (I have a loft bed), I notice that Danielle's bed is in disarray, as if she had been in a fight with it.

"What are you doing?" I ask Danielle loudly, hoping to inconspicously wake her up.

"I..." Danielle says, her eyes seem to come back to life. "I...don't know!"

"Ha ha, you were really going to get on your computer, weren't you?" I say, stiffling a yawn and turning on my computer simultaneously.
"I think I was!" Danielle says, laughing now that she's awake.

"I think that's a sign that you are on your computer to much..." I say, smiling as I turn to get ready for the shower.

"Naw..." Danielle says, climbing back into bed.

Within 5 minutes she's snoring softly again, sound asleep.

See what happens when one spends to much time on the computer? You sleepwalk to turn it on!! ;-)