Sunday, April 10, 2005

Talk With Bloggy!

Bloggy, being the first EVER automated Blogger-ROBOT, is also --

"Cute and Fuzzy!" he reminds us everyday via his blog.

In Bloggy's first-ever post, not only does he mention right away that he is cuddly, but he also fails to give us all the meaning of life.

I feel that a reprimand for this transgression is in order here.

In one of his posts a few days ago, the title of Bloggy's post was plain:

"Simple Thoughts".

In it, Bloggy wrote a one-sentence (as always) post.

"The sun is special!” - Bloggy: April 5, 2005

Oh, God.

And, as one faithful reader posted:

"Do you know that some ancient cultures 'sacrificed' members of their society to the sun? They thought the sun was pretty special too. Full of strange mystical powers.

Do you feel that we should sacrifice members of our society to the sun?"
- Anonymous

Not only did I have to change pants when I read this, but I was also eager to continue reading other's comments.

Don't be mean to Bloggy! ;-)

I think that not only Bloggy's Posts are funny, but the comments can be even funnier than Bloggy is.

And finally, I leave thee with words from another fellow commenter:

"I'm worried that my tax dollars are going to fund this."