Friday, March 04, 2005

Kill the Power

…to my dorm.


You heard me.

Either way, I was watching a movie yesterday, pondering whether I should check my E-Mail or not, and thennnn...


And everything goes black.

It's about 10PM at night, and I quickly jump up, staring wildly around. I can still see the picture of the TV before my eyes, although there is no light and clearly the TV isn't on.

"What the hell??" I hear someone yell from the hallway. I quickly scramble across my room, groping for the doorknob.
"What's going ARHHHGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!" I yell, slamming face-first into someone that was passing by.
"GOD DAMMIT!" The girl cries out, and I immediately distinguish her voice to be my neighbor.
"Oh, sorry..." I mumble, massaging my FACE (For that is what got injured…) as my eyes water in pain. I hold my hands in front of me like a zombie, finding my way down the hallway.

"Just chill out for a sec,” A girl behind me says, grabbing ahold of my shoulders and holding me fast. "You'll be able to see as soon as your eyes adjust."

After a few minutes of me and a girl standing awkwardly in the hallway, a blinding flash comes on overhead, and the girl drops my shoulders and shields her eyes in pain; I do the same.
"What the mother f^&% is going on here?!" She yells as more people come flooding into the hallway.

The emergency lights came on.

I run towards my window, the light from the hallway barely penetrating my room, and look out into the night at our adjoining dorm, Hewett. People are flooding out of it, coming out in great bunches like cattle being herded away.

After a few phone calls I come to find that Hewett's power went out as well, and their fire alarm system went off too.

And now we won't have power until most likely tomorrow night. At least we have hot water now (We didn't when this all first happened), and at least we have SOME lighting (the emergency lights, which as you can read from above also did not kick in until some time later). Oh and by the way, Hewett was evacuated for the NIGHT because the main power supply that powers both Manchester (my dorm) AND Hewett (Adjoining dorm, der...) caught on FIRE.

They have it put out, but they are now replacing the parts that were damaged, and therefore we have NO power. :-P

So now I'm sitting in the library, contemplating what type of mayhem I can create without my computer turned on...

Any ideas?

I updated this blog and my other blog, at first I had everything from the other blog on here, but then I edited a BUNCH of stuff out to actually keep people reading this blog, and instead I made two entries. So, to read an extended version of this entry, click here.