Monday, March 28, 2005

Have a Blogging Moment

"So, have you done anything fun on the elevator lately?"

"Are you kidding me? It's an elevator, Jillian!"

"Well have you ever THOUGHT of anything fun to do on an elevator, Jenna?"

" not really - What are some things that you have in that creative little mind of yours?" Jenna says, rolling her eyes.

"Someone was telling me the other day that they were going to put a desk in the elevator, and ask people when they got on if they have an appointment."

"Ha ha ha! That's awesome!" She says, laughing outwardly.

"I've personally always wanted to do Twister in the elevator..."

"What?! Are you serious?!" Jenna says, laughing anyways.

"Yeah! And also, when the elevator is silent, you can look around and say 'Is that your cell phone?'"

"AWESOME! Oh my gosh that's hysterical - you should really do it!"

"Nooo...but I did want to get on one and try to pry the doors open when my floor comes up once, and then look all embarassed when they open by themselves," I say, looking at Jenna who is now cracking up.

"That is so creative!! You should seriously do that!" She says, laughing harder than ever.

I laugh too; an image pops into my mind of me straining to open the doors using my hands.

"Oh my gosh, those were good," Jenna says after a few minutes of laughing.

"So where do you come up with those sorts of things anyways?"

"Bloggers," I say, smiling inwardly at my own private joke.


"Never mind."