Sunday, February 06, 2005

Nickname Her

Have you ever done something so extraordinarily stupid, that it bears repeating?

I know I have, and that's why I have created a blog about those silly moments in life where one just wants to sink into the shadows for all eternity.

This Blog, viola! You are witnessing history unfolding, my friends, so bear witness!

Since my computer and I have gotten so close recently mainly because of my severe and overwhelming addiction to, I thought I would give my baby a nickname. I mean, this computer and I have been together for almost an entire year, and what's better than saying "Happy Anniversary" then giving old wheezer a nickname?

So, now I call the 16-inch tall box humming right beside me, "Cutie". It's simple, and what could be better than having the nickname start with a "C", which also starts the word "Computer"?

Pure Genius: I know, I know.

So anyways today I was talking to one of my friends a few floors down, and he started up a conversation about computers.
"Damn my computer is sucking it UP lately!" He says.
"Oh?" Say I.
"Indeed!" Says he.

"Well, my Cutie is acting almost angelic lately," I say, referring to my computer.
"You know, Cu-t-ie?" I say, pronouncing my computers' name slowly.

And this, my friends, is when I decided to stop referring to my computer as "Cutie". Not only does it ask for a repeating of the name whenever I mention it, but it also gets a lot of raised eyebrows after I explain.

Once Again: Don't call your computer "Cutie".