Monday, February 28, 2005

Hear Them in Fragments


'You can't be serious.'

'Please come down from there...'


'Love you too my whittle smufferkins...'

'Okay, knock it off; I'm not kidding anymore.'

'Don't make me come over there and punch you. I can see you ya' know you little twat.'

'You're JOKING!!'

'You understand that I hate you...I mean HER!!!'

'Whatever; I don't care anymore.'

'She knew that the boyfriends dog was going to turn around and bite her in the...'

'I said drop it, so DROP IT.'

'The monkey said WHAT?!'

'What class you have next...'

'Okay, I'm hanging up right now; yeah, love you too, Idiot.'

And that, my friends, are fragments of phone conversations I heard today while meandering through the quad at class-changing times.

It's amazing what one will hear if one listens.

I especially like the "Love you too Idiot." one ha ha. :-)