Monday, February 14, 2005

Have a Happy Valentine's Day

After I got off the elevator this morning, I saw a guy stumbling around as if he had either 1. Just got back from a really great party or 2. Had just woken up. I had guessed the latter because he was rubbing his eyes and his hair was all tousled up.

"Whoa!" He says after a few minutes have passed. He's staring at Vrooman (Dining Center) which is open. (It is closed on the weekends, keep this in mind...)
"Whoa what?" I say, stopping abruptly behind him, my backpack on my shoulders. He is now blocking the way into Vrooman.
"I didn't know Vrooman was open on the weekends!"

"'s not is Monday," I say, eyeing him.
"No it can't be Monday...why are so many people there with bookbags?" He says, obviously still hallucinating.
"Hellooo...It's Monday!" I say loudly, getting slightly irritated as he is still blocking my way towards food and my stomach is yelling at me.
"What?! No it's not." He says stubbornly, now turning towards me.

I'm already reaching into my bookbag. A few minutes pass as I hand him my schedule, which is clearly labeled "Monday, February 14th".
"Oh." He says, and I could see the cogs working in his brain at this angle...
"WHOLLY SHIT!!" He yells after a beat, "I'm missing classes!!!"

And without another word he sweeps by me, running back to his room.

"Happy Valentine's Day!!" I yell at his retreating back. He waves his arm in response before whipping around the corner and out of sight.