Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Get Your Own Cookie

So I was waiting for the elevator a couple of nights ago at around midnight. It is Saturday, and most people are drunk anyways. But either way I just went down to Subway to get something to snack on (a cookie, and our Subway is open downstairs until two in the morning anyways he he).

So anyways I'm waiting for the elevator, and this girl comes up behind me also with milk in her hand and what looks like a cookie from Subway. I look at my own cookie that I am holding.

"You gonna' eat that?" She slurs at me.
"What?" I say, making sure I heard her correctly.
"You gonna'eatthat?" She says, sluring worse than ever.
"Uhm, yeah." I say, eyeing her milk and cookie.

Suddenly, and elevator slides into view, and we both board the one-way ticket up.

"You can't have a cookie without milk." She says, her face contorting in disgust. Her eyes seem unfocused as she stares at me.
"Yeah I can..." I say, staring fixedly at the digital screen which shows which floor we are on.
"Okay...but it'll be hard..."
"I have stuff to drink in my room." I say curtly, wishing the digital monitor to go up faster.
"Oh." She says, looking hurt.

The silence of the elevator is only punctured by the beeping noise by the elevator as it passes every floor.

"Now can I have your cookie?" I hear a small voice say once more.