Monday, January 03, 2005

Turn Up the Sound

The other day I'm sitting in my living room, watching my brother play with his new Xbox.

He's playing Halo there really any other game for the Xbox??

All of a sudden, the sound poops out, and all you get is a "Bzzzzztttt" sound coming from the TV. Justin (my brother) looks bewildered as the riveting machine-gun sound stops abruptly. He gets on his hands and knees, now trying to find out what is wrong with the TV.

"Justin, have you checked the wires to make sure they haven't wiggled loose?" I say, still staring, in a trance at the game as the main character continues to sway back and forth across the screen as if eager to continue with carnage.

"No, it can't be the wires." My brother replies, apprehensive. After all, I AM the dumbest person on this Earth, haven't you heard?

"Okay..." I say, watching my brother as he continues to look over every centimeter of his Xbox.
"Well, it's still under warranty,” My mother says after several minutes have passed and still the sound is the same.
"Too true,” I say, looking at Justin.

My brother, finally reaching his last resort to listen to me, reaches up to the wires, and pushes back in the "Sound Wire" (Don't know if it is the red, blue, green, purple, turquoise or white wire...) and BAM! Suddenly the sound starts blaring from the TV happily, as if it was waiting for nothing else.

Justin, surprised that I was right and also surprised by the amount of sound coming at him, now falls over and about does a somersault backwards into the chair.

"I TOLD you that was it!" I said gleefully, slapping him on the back.

"Whatever,” He says, grabbing his controller and falling into 'The Zone' again, still a little upset that I was right.

Serves him right! :-P