Friday, January 07, 2005


This one is nice, right? Especially if it is part of your family and it is a good way to get blackmail. Yes, you know I'm right. Please feel free to E-Mail me about this one. ;-)

Jillian's Thoughts in Action (JTIA): "Yessss...I'll BLOG about my insane family, that's what I'll do!"

Anyways the other night I was lying in bed, drifting off to one of my favorite pastime movies that I had just purchased, "A Knight's Tale.” No matter.

Either way, I'm laying there, about ready to drift off, and all of the sudden I hear this "Riiippppppp" noise coming from the bathroom. It sounds like someone is ripping up about a hundred suction cups from a very hollow place. I sit straight up in my bed, and jump out as if I had a great nights sleep, ready for the day. I glance at my clock in the soft glow of my TV. "12:37AM" it glares back at me.

I walk slowly down the hallway, the bathroom just on my right; I see the light shining from under the door.
"Hello...?" I whisper, my voice sounding raspy as if I had just been aroused from a wonderful nights sleep.

I open the bathroom door slowly, only to find my brother, hunched over the bathtub. For a glimpse, I see our plastic bathmat rise in the air before he puts it back down. He’s on his knees, leaning over into the tub.

"Justin?" I say, bending my head down in case I scare him. He turns; his eyes seem half-asleep. "What are you doing?"
"Fixing the mat,” he says simply. I step closer, and watch as he is lining up the bathmat with the side of the tub.
"And, are you sure that's where you want it?" I say, smiling slightly. I know now he is sleepwalking at this point, and I remember a very long time ago someone telling me to carry on as if the sleepwalker is doing something completely rational and to not ‘wake’ him or her.
"No, not quite,” my brother, Justin says, screwing up his face in concentration as he turns back to his work. The mat is now perfectly lined up with the back wall and sidewall of the tub.
"Are you sure you didn't get up to go to the bathroom?" I say, flicking a glance at the toilet; it stands alone, as usual.
"Noooooo, I got up because I know that the mat wasn't in the right place!" He says, angrily, still not able to 'get the mat right'.
"Oh, look at that!" I say, pretending to be excited. My brother, slightly startled turns to me; his eyes looking far away, as if still asleep.
"What?” He asks.
"It's perfect!"
"What is perfect?"
"The mat, silly!" I say excitedly, now really throwing myself into it. Justin looks slowly back to it. He gets up, and jumps in the tub.

"What are you doing?!" I say, jumping forward, preparing myself to grab him in case he tries to randomly take a shower fully clothed.
"I have to make sure that the mat is secure,” He says, bluntly.
"Oh...well, I think it's time for bed now,” I say, helping him as he gets out of the tub. I walk back with him to his room, and make sure he is safely stored in his bed.

After I had made sure he was safely in bed, I had a split seconds' clear thought of me locking my brother in his own room and him waking up in the morning to find what I did.

However, I didn't, and instead I went back to bed.