Sunday, January 30, 2005

Send Me a Website

Wow, in response to the "Send Me a Virus" post (as well as "Nose-Girl" post, ha ha), I have had SEVERAL E-Mails telling me what I should blog about next.

Am I famous?


Should you still E-Mail me to make me feel good?

Damn straight!!

Either way, so the other day this woman sends me an E-Mail, telling me that I should blog about a website that she found extremely amusing. So, intruiged by the sudden change from people telling me to blog "About the time..." to a woman giving me a website, I went with it.

And might I say I was laughing my head off the whole time.

By the way, the woman's name who sent me this E-Mail is Rita. Thank you, Rita! And if you had a website it would have certainly been posted here! :-)

So, Rita sends me a website, telling me that it is the funniest thing she has seen in awhile, and she thought that I might want to blog about it and share with other comedy-seekers.

So here I am, Derrrr!

The website is:

Black Market

Yes, if you want to buy a baby, no questions asked, then go to this website.

Is your child a mis-fit, annoying little bastard? Then look no further! Black Market is a fully non-refundable website that is able to sell your child via the Internet. Completely anonymous, just fill out the form and away you go!

You can also go as further to buy Special Products from this website as well, and make your child into the smartest one on the planet! The next Bill Gates, I tell you!

So good luck with this website, and all I ask is that you seriously think about selling your child first before doing so. It can change your life. ;-)