Monday, January 17, 2005

Send Me a Virus

The other day I got an E-Mail, and I shall copy-and-paste it word for word right here:

"i am going to send u a virus please dont reply back to dis email because u cant stop me."

I mean, he didn't even put the correct greeting:
"Dear Ruler of the Universe - Jillian,"

Not only am I highly offended because he didn't refer to me by the proper name, but he also forgot to sign it as well:
"Yours in Christ, Satan."

So, I go into my filters, click on "Create New Filter."

Description: "To Keep All Bitch-Ass Ho's Away."
Filter: "All Attachments", "Into Trash."
Blocked E-Mails: "[Inserted the Bitch's E-Mail Here]"

Yup, that should do it.