Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Have a Good Dream

And you know what I mean by "Good Dream"...Ohhh righhttt.

You SICKO!! That is NOT what I meant!! What in the hell were you thinking?! And no, do not E-Mail me about it either otherwise I will hunt you down until the day you die!

Not really, that's not right, kiddies; you shouldn't stalk people...

Anyways, last night I had a really great dream, only to wake up and have an even more vivid recollection of what would've really happened in that same scenario.

* * *

"You wanna' go out to eat?"
"Sure, Sarah!" I say, already dressed and ready to go out to eat. I stuff my key in my pocket and head out the door, Sarah (my roommate) close at my heels.

"Awesome!" Sarah says, now sitting down with her tray laden with meal stuffs.
"What's that?" I say, not really paying attention.
"Oh, I was just excited to buy us dinner; I'm sorry we never hang out or anything...You are a really great person!" Sarah says, enthusiastic as she starts to scarf her food. I look down at my own tray, which contains a chicken sandwich, a pudding cup, a slice of cheesecake and some fries.

"Oh and Jillian...” She says after a few minutes of chewing, "I really think you should go out with that guy...what's his name? Dan? Anyways, him...he's really cute and nice..."
"Oh yeah?" I say, bemusedly.

* * *

Then, I woke up.

And this is the "Daydream” I had almost right after it:

By the way, this is really how she would have responded/acted to; It's Sarah fer crying-out-loud!

* * *

"Sorry, I mean...did I interrupt anything?" I say, anxious that I had upset her.
"No...I mean yeah! What the hell do you want?"
"Do you want to go out to eat with me?"
"Sure, whatever."
"Actually, no."
"What?? Why?!"
"Becauuseee silly, I have BETTER friends than you ya' know! Anyways I'm goin' with Kari and Jessi and Jenny."
"You can come if you want."
"Okay, sure."

"So anyways, I told Andy about one thousand times that I love him and I will miss him when he goes up to Wisconsin over Christmas Break."
"Nice." I say, trying to fit in.
"Oh, and what did you get on your Finite Mate test anyways?" Sarah says abruptly, now turning her full attention to me.
"Why does it matter?"
"Okay, I got a C+,” I say, trying not to frown.
"A C??!!" Sarah says, her smile breaking into a grin. "I got an A! That test was SO easy!!!"
"She's just a stupid retard anyways,” Jenny pipes in, eyeing me with malice and acting like I'm not even there.
"Yeah, I know,” Sarah says, eyeing me with dislike as well.

"You know what, Sarah?" I say, standing up and grabbing my drink.
"Yeah?" Sarah says, pushing back in her seat simultaneously.
"You are a bitch!" I yell, taking the lid off of my cup and pouring it all over Sarah. I stand there, wanting to run and hide, but somehow I'm rooted to the spot, watching as the soda fizzles all over Sarah, getting in her hair and sticking to her face and skin...
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!“ Sarah screams.
"Because, I wanted too!" I yell back, equally loud.

* * *

And then we both run away screaming like little babies at the top of our lungs...Amen.

Also, I have to tell you that I kinda' sorta' maybe yeah made up the part about pouring my drink all over Sarah. That would have been just a minor yet vivid imaginative thing that I would have only thought of doing...

Good thing I don't have HER for a roommate next semester, 'eh? ;-)