Monday, December 27, 2004

Tell a Lie

Doesn't matter if it is a little white lie or a humongously large (overkill?) lie...Buttttt...TELL ONE!

Even if it has to be in the comments section of this entry, you had better tell me one either here or in an E-Mail. (As I've found out so many prefer the latter)

Example of a Little Lie:

"I weigh 85 pounds.” (Quoted by Me)

Go ahead, you can laugh now.

Example of a BIG Lie:

"I'm a millionaire...can I have that watch?” (Quoted by a Random Person in Wal-Mart)

Or, one can even make a game out of lie! It's called a "Lie Detector". What you do is you say three things about you, two statements that are true and one that is false, and then you see how many people can tell the lie from the truth. (Works best if you are in person and do NOT know them...Duh.)

Example of Lie Detector:

My name is Jillian.
My initials are "J.F.K."
I do not own a computer.

You can also mix around the lie to make it look more convincing.

Example of a "Mixed Around Lie Detector":

I love the Harry Potter movies.
I hate reading blogs.
My name is Jillian.

Can you tell which one is the lie?