Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Take the Last Piece

Today I went to Watterson Towers.

I stopped there in-between classes, so, naturally, I was by myself. I get my tray, and decide at the last minute to grab a little extra something. A piece of pie, if you will. I go up to the "Bakers Corner", and, HURRAH! One little tiny sliver of everyone's favorite, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake.

I snag this wonderful glory, admiring it from all angles inside it's little plastic container. I set it gently on my tray, and move forward to the checkout line.

Eventually, I'm sitting down next to the HUGE projector TV screen (Like a movie theatre, really) and I'm eating the nuggets I got from Chick-Fil-A, and I keep on eyeing my great prize (AKA "The Glory"), knowing I would be devouring it within a few moments.

I was a happy person.

At the end of my meal, I wipe my hands happily, and prepare to open "The Glory", fork in hand.

I'm practically slobbering all over myself now.

"Excuse me?" I hear a soft utterance just over my shoulder. I turn my head, and I see a guy standing there, looking at The Glory!
"Uhm, can I help you?" I say, my fork still poised over my beautiful prize.
"Well, see," The guy starts, blushing as the awkward moment gets longer; my patience waning.
"Yessss...?" I say, with a bite of impatience to keep him on track. He snaps back to earth, staring at my fork poised over The Glory.
"Well, I just happened to see that you have the last piece of that particular cheesecake." He says, making it sound like there was no more left in the entire universe.

"And?" I say, my mind still thinking of how that beautiful piece of cheesecake will taste in all its chocolate-y goodness, melting in my mouth.

"I was wondering if I could buy it from you,” He says, and immediately I set my fork down to look at him closely.
"Uhm, seriously?" I say, my eyebrows rose at this point. I look behind him, expecting to see that he came from a table full of giggling girls. Instead, I find a small table, situated with a newspaper, a tray with Chinese on it, and an empty chair with a jacket hung over it. This was his seat.

"Yes,” He says, relieved that I had not started yelling at him yet. He pulled out his wallet, and gave it a dramatic twitch to open it.
"Ah." He says after several moments, and withdrawals slowly a 10-dollar bill. Now my eyebrows are raised so much they are endangered of being lost within my bangs.
"You're serious." I said, eyeing the 10-dollar bill.
"Yes,” He says happily, holding out the money. "I'll give you fifteen dollars for it."

Fif-fif-fifteen bucks?!

"Uhm...I guess so." Is what I answered with. I realized now that a 5-dollar bill was hidden beneath the 10-dollar bill. He handed me the money, and took the cheesecake.
"Er...will you need my fork, then?" I ask politely, trying to bring the conversation back onto my plane.
"Oh, thank you!" He says, gleeful now. It was like watching a 2 year old unearth a particularly juicy bug.
"Uh, no problem." I say, trying hard not to laugh.

I am now 13 dollars and 67 cents richer, considering I get a discount because I go to this school.

That, and the cheesecake was only $1.43, ha ha.