Monday, December 06, 2004

Don't Make Nikki Mad


See, we were talking the other day, and it was a very - er - nice conversation.

We were having a rather weird conversation this fine day today, and somehow we stumbled onto the subject of computers (Go figure).

"So, what is the worst thing you have ever done to a computer?" She asked me, after I told her about my major and explained the whole system at our school. (It is very confusing, and no, I will not explain it now)
"Er...worst I have ever done to a COMPUTER?" I say, feeling dumber by the second. I can't really recall what the WORST was that I had done.
"Well, let me rephrase," She says, thinking hard, "Have you ever done something to a computer to have revenge upon someone else?"

Ahhhhhh. The Magic Word of the Day IS: Revenge.

"Oh!" I say, recalling my adventure in the uLabs. Remember the never-ending coughing girl? Well, I told Nikki about her.

"Oh!" Nikki said, as a stunned silence followed my story. After a beat, she broke out into laughter, practically doubling up.
"That's...GREAT!" She bursts out through great gasps. I look at her, slightly concerned she will have an asthma attack.
"I'm, okay." She says, eyeing the concerned look on my face.

"So, er," I say, still staring at Nikki, "Have you ever done anything to get revenge upon a person with a computer?"

"Ah, yes." She says, straightening up after her laughing fit.

"Oh?" I say eagerly, wanting to know and I knew I was going to laugh my head off. She is such a bright person, and I'm sure she knows how to get revenge good.

"Well, this one time, I hired a computer nerd to set a virus on my roommate’s computer..."

"You...what?" I said, my face looking stunned as these words settled in.
"You know, a virus?" She said. "I helped him with his science homework and he did this as a favor to me."
"But, what did she...why?" I say, a look of horror flashing across my face.

"She nagged me..." Nikki said, trailing off into nothingness.

She was smiling now; her eyes unfocused as she stares un-seeing at a spot just over my shoulder and do not catch the stunned look upon my face. I must have looked like I just got hit in the face with a demolition ball.
"Er...right...” I say, attempting to smile after a few minutes had gone by.

"Oh, it wasn't that hard," Nikki said, mistaking the look of surprise on my face for curiosity. "I just had to wait until my roommate was gone from the room to do it."

"Right." I say again, lamely.

"I don't get mad, I get even," She says, raising her eyebrows obviously after finally returning to Earth from her trip down memory lane.
"And...and did you get along after that?" I ask with the air of one speaking about tomorrows weather forcast.

"Oh, yes. Very well," Nikki started, smiling in an odd way again, "Especially after she paid me 65 dollars so that I could remove that particular virus for her."

Note to Self: NEVER Make Nikki Mad at me.