Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Understand My Picture

Okay, yesterday I got no less than THREE E-Mails, asking me about my picture.

E-Mail Number One came from a creative genius who does not know how to spell the word "Please".

Pity him.

"i dun understand ur pic what does it mean can u pleas tell me?"

E-Mail Number Two is more insightful. A little creepy in the precision of the language, but still none-the-less insightful...

"This E-Mail is to inform you that your picture in your profile is not working. This message is not from the Administration, and please do not reply. I only wish to notify you that your picture says 'Picture loading...' forever. Signed, A Blogger Who Cares"

Interesting, and the third. Bluntly obvious and to the point.

"your pic no work. please fix do now."

At least, HE spelled "Please" the correct way.

For the record, here is my picture

Now I angrily stab the "Reply to All" button with the following message:

"Hey, morons!