Saturday, November 13, 2004

Set Off a Fire Alarm

Boy, this one sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Especially if you do it in your friends' dorm hall.

Good times.

So, I was visiting my friend in Hewett (it's an all-girls dorm) and her guy friend, David, came over that night also. We were having a great time, chilling out, talking, and watching movies.

Finally, I said that we should order pizza.

"Okay," Sandra (my friend) said. David agreed.

Sandra ordered the pizza, and about 45 minutes later, the front desk called to say that our pizza was here. Now, we were on the 12th floor, and we were NOT about to take the stairs.

I press the elevator button, and, while we were waiting, I became fascinated with the fire alarms for some reason. The fire alarms here are encased with plastic, with clear instructions at the bottom saying "Lift Here".

For some reason I found this very oddly funny, and I lifted my hand to show Sandra and touch the casing. When I did, the fire alarm went off like an orchestra of saws, scraping across a blackboard all at once.
"WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!” Sandra yelled to me, covering her ears while simultaneously backing away from the mounting noise.
"Nothing!" I said blankly, my hand still outstretched to the spot I was GOING to touch.

David was just standing there, laughing his head off.

" do I make it stop?” I say, investigating how in the hell it went off in the first place. It was hard to get near it, because the sound seemed to be issuing from this single fire alarm alone. I checked to make sure the fire alarm ITSELF wasn't pulled in anyway, and I took a few steps back to make sure the whole BUILDING wasn't going off (meaning a Fire Drill or that someone actually HAD pulled a fire alarm)

Nope, everything seemed okay, except for the ear-splitting racket coming from the fire alarm situated between the elevators.

Suddenly, I hear a faint 'Ding' as an elevator slid into view and it's doors opened.

"Well, we gotta' go and tell someone!” I yell to Sandra and David. Sandra is standing rooted to the spot.
"But, we have to DO something!” She says in a sort of shocked voice. I reach out of the elevator, and pull her inside. David walks in on his own. My brain is able to separate thoughts, as more came flooding in. The doors to the elevator close, blocking off the sound as well.

"You know," I say slowly, "If the alarm was going off in the whole BUILDING, then the elevators wouldn't be working...right?"
"Yeah..." Sandra says, clearly not taking in a word I had just said.

We get down the first floor, and I get off and immediately tell the front desk what I had done. Only, I altered my story to make it seem like we were just standing there and the fire alarm just HAPPENED to go off. The woman looked at me in a significant way, and then called up the appropriate people.

We walked away to the Hewett Foyer where all the doors are, and wait for our pizza. I didn't dare look at any of them.
"Sandra...” I said, finally stealing a glance at her.
"I didn't do anything, Jillian." She said, eyeing me.
"I know! I'll say I did it!" I exclaimed, clearly not wanting to get her into trouble.

"Excuse me...” A voice said to my left. I whirled around and came face-to-face with a businesswoman.
"I need your name.” She said, pointing to her clipboard. I read the heading, which said 'Log of Accidentals in Hewett'. I gulped.
"Jillian...” I said tentatively, giving her my last name as well. She wrote it down, along with my Social Security Number and where I lived along with my room number.
"Okay," She said, turning to Sandra.

"But, I did it!!” I yelled to the woman who was clearly about to ask for Sandra's name. The business-woman looked back at me, her eyebrows raised.
"Okay.” She said simply, and turned away.
"Wait!” I said, grabbing her by the shoulder lightly. She turned back around. "Will I be written up because of this?"
"Was it an accident?" She said, her eyes boring into mine.
"Of course!” I said automatically.
"Well, then I don't think so, but it will be investigated and you will receive a notice if you have been written up."
"But, you don't think I will.” I pressed.
"No, I don't.” The business-woman finally revealed, smiling benignly. I sighed, and turned away at last.

Just then, the pizza man came into the door, and I saw Sandra paying him.

"Thanks," I heard her say softly while we were back on the elevator on the way up again.