Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Listen to Music

Today, I wanted to finish my book.

That was, technically, my "Goal of the Day".

So, I went to the quietest place on the planet (Er, I mean, at this school).

The Library.

DUH! My sanctuary that ALSO happens to be the place that I volunteer at.

I just wanted to finish my book, and I also happened to have all the time in the world to do it.

I was just getting to the climax of my book, and I knew it was coming from the moment I started Chapter 10 out of the 20 chapters.

Did you get that joke? Should I repeat it for the dense people? Okay, moving on...

So, I am sitting there, my book propped against my legs which are stretched out on a couch that I have claimed as "my own".

After about five minutes, my eyes wander to the door, which has just swung open to reveal a person, apparently listening to his MP3 player.

He is also kinda' hot...


He comes over, and sits down on the couch opposite of me, bobbing his head slightly. I thought that maybe it was because of the momentum he produced from sitting down, but when I saw that his head still didn't stop moving even after he had stopped "sitting down", I started to get a little worried.

I look back at my book, stretched neatly across my lap.

"Like somehow you just don't belong...” I hear a soft utterance somewhere to my left. I look, and the guy with the MP3 player is also sitting, stretched out on the couch, singing softly.

For some reason I found this strangely amusing at the time, so I bit my lip to keep from snorting.


The guy suddenly bursts out in song, and I jump, my eyes I imagine are very wide at this point as I watch him. He’s singing, clear as day! I recover relatively fast from the sudden outburst and laugh aloud, while looking around quickly to view the damage.

There were not that many people on this floor in the first place, but the few people on the computers and the lone woman at the front desk certainly turned their heads to see what the commotion was.

This guy was not taking any notice of anyone now.

"TO BE KICKED! WHEN YOU'RE DOWN!!!” He yelled at the top of his lungs, slamming his head to the music. I realized at once that this was one of the songs that I had heard about 40 times last night on the radio.

Simple Plan's new song, I believe.


I snorted with laughter and tried to quickly compose myself for what I was about to do. I was also waiting for the chorus, which was to come any second now. . .


Ahh, there we go.

I motioned towards the guy to take off his headphones.

"What?” He said, clearly irritated that I had 'ruined' his song.
"Erm...You know you are singing, out loud...” I say, trying to sound irritated. I failed, letting a smirk cross my lips instead.

"I was?” The guy said blankly. I realized that I could now hear that very song reverberating from his headphones.

The guy looked around curiously, to the lone receptionist at the front desk, who was holding her mouth to keep from laughing, but I could still see tears running down her face. He looked to the people at the computers, staring wide-eyed at him, one of the girls wore a smirk similar like mine, and then he looked back to me, staring back at him.

"Oh.” He said softly, his face like the setting sun as he tried to make himself as small as possible on the couch.

"It's okay," I say bemusedly.

I swear that not 10 minutes later I hear it starting up again.

"To be kicked...when you’re down," He whispers, still audible above the stunning silence of the library.

I smile at my book and try to ignore the silence being punctuated by the lyrics of another song.