Monday, November 15, 2004

Appreciate Nature

Well, I was walking along with one of my friends the other day in the Quad.

Her name is Sandra.

We were not talking about anything particular, just the usual about classes and homework. I dug out a pack of gummy worms from my backpack, and was feeding them to myself and sharing with Sandra as well.

Eventually, the talk turns to guys we like, etc.

"Well, there is a really hot guy that is in my Biology I could get a piece of him!” Sandra said, slapping her leg in a rude manner.
"Oh come on can't like him THAT much, can you?" I said skeptically, after all, she hadn't really talked to him that much during the entire semester so far.
"What, it's possible! Plus, I don't see you saying 'no' to a hot guy...” She said, eyeing me carefully.

"What do you mean?” I said, fishing a particular gummy worm from the bottom of the bag, not really paying attention.
"What about that guy in English class?” She asked quickly, smiling in an odd way.

I looked up and slurped down a gummy-worm noisily.

"Erm...Who?” I ask after I had finished munching, trying my best to keep my face smooth and blank.
"You know 'who'...Jared!"
"Oh...what makes you say that?" I asked, my face still struggling to show no signs of emotion.

"Well, he just couldn't keep his EYES off of you the entire class period today, could he?” Sandra said.

I never before realized how exceptionally beautiful nature is in the Quad this time of year.