Monday, October 25, 2004

Dear Noteworthy College Student,

Today I am rather annoyed, and you are not helping matters any.

While I am standing here, wrapped in a towel and holding my shower caddy precariously, you are taking all of the time that you need to take a shower. I would appreciate it if you could please speed up the process of shampoo to conditioner just for today and get out.


Oh and just for your information, you are also taking up my favorite shower.

I'm sorry if a sound bitchy, but I really don't want to go to class today smelling like the ass of a pig. You know, I never really see you taking a shower at this time. So why you picked this time out of 24 hours today, I'll never know...

Finally, a shower!

Unfortunately, it is not my favorite shower that you are still in you pig-ass, but I'll get it tomorrow, so don't you worry...

Oh my gosh, how is this possible?!

You are still in the shower, and I am finished. What is taking you so long?

By the way, it also isn't helping matters any that your disgusting water is splashing all over my precious clean feet that I've dried off about 27 times since I turned off my water.

Could you please keep your "shower-excitement" to one stall?

I was also having trouble keeping the top half of myself dry until I looked up and saw water splashing over the top of your stall as well. What is going on in there?

Hope to hear from you soon! (Ha, ha)