Thursday, September 16, 2004

Plague the Wednesday's

Well, I know that you find this a little odd to be posting about such a thing, but I'm serious!

I think all Wednesday's should be officially plagued because I haven't posted on a Wednesday in a really long time, which I found out today by accident. I was just browsing through all the comments on my blog when...why...what...?

Put two and two together to get...3?

I have never written on a Wednesday since the very, VERY beginning!


So, therefore, all Wednesday's are officially going to be plagued with a disease and are going to be eventually removed from the calendar altogether! HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!!


I mean, what is the point of a day in the middle of the week? If we had an even number of days, then we wouldn't have this problem with Wednesdays being the second most ignored day of the week.

Next to Tuesday, I mean.

Okay, since this post was clearly the most insanely longest post you have ever, EVER read, I will do a recap:

1. Plague the Wednesdays.
2. Remove Wednesdays from the calendar.
3. Never insult Tuesday.