Thursday, September 23, 2004

Make the World a Better Place

And rid it of your nastiness.

I don't want to see your low-life-skanking-and-smoking ass sitting around my precious dorm space.

I could care less if you don't want to be at least 10 feet away from the front door of my dorm building because I really don't want your nastiness floating all the way up to my dorm room, you hear?

Why hasn't anyone invented cigarettes that did NOT pollute the atmosphere or invent something so disgusting it couldn't be called anything better than "smoke".

If someone invented a cigarette that could cancel out what the industries are doing to the atmosphere, not only would that one person make millions, but he or she would also single-handedly save our planet and the deterioration of the atmosphere!

On another note, yesterday must have been "Wear Your Skank to Work" Day because everyone was wearing the most hideous clothing. I don't think I would consider those types of clothing for Halloween even!

What where they thinking?

I saw a girl perched on top of a stone "smokers bench", looking around as if she owned the place. She was also wearing the shortest of short skirts and a halter top. I swear I thought her boobs were going to pop out or something. And the skirt? No, honey, tuck the fat back INSIDE of your shirt and put on some god-damn pants or something! You are making the rest of the normal people out here sick!


As I was changing classes and going to Math, I realized I had a few minutes to spare. So I sit right next to the beautiful fountain that is right outside of the building and break out a book.

I couldn't help myself.

I looked up, and was blinded by the most hideous sight.

A flock of ho’s had just come up and sat on the same bench at one time! And they were ALL smoking! I was like ho's you better get out a sign or something because I can't tell if you guys are trying to make money or just smoke a cigarette.


And if this post hasn't given you the shivers yet or if you haven't cried out loud "Ohmigod!" then I will leave you with one other note:

Today I saw a teacher going by, and she had on a pretty long skirt with a sexy blue-shiny top. She went so fast by me that she crashed head-on into the wall and spilled her books all over. She bent over to retrieve those books, and I swear to God her shirt rode up like she was just waiting for someone to look at that nasty hairy back.

And what could be the most hideous sight of all, you might ask?

She was wearing a THONG ladies and gentlemen. Yes, a thong.

You know, I thought that there was an age limit on who could wear thongs, and I'm sure that it did NOT include 45+ year-old women!

Although it is possible but not very likely; I may be wrong on this "age limit" assumption.