Friday, September 10, 2004

Go for a Walk

Well, this one is pretty simple and straightforward, is it not?

I mean, what could possibly go wrong with just going for a walk?

Unless you go at 1 in the morning, I mean. And you are at a college campus on a Friday night. Oh, that could change things a LOT, my friend. :-)

Yeah, really good times. Well, I can't really sleep right now because I'm so buzzed up on the amount of Mountain Dew I consumed along with chocolate, so I decided to share my insightful experience. Mmmmm...chocolate.


See, three-fourths (3/4 for math wizards) of the floor I'm living on right now (in college) went to a "Toga Party" for their Fraternity (Co-Ed) therefore I'm all alone, but two other guys on my floor who are really nice were also bored.

So, we decided to go for a walk, at 1 in the morning. Good times. It was me (Jillian), Ryan and Steve.

Let's just say you can meet a lot of weird, yet happy people. Mostly drunken students. There were some cops, and what weird is that there were the fewest of people who didn't seem to know each other. I mean, if you go out at one in the morning on a college campus on a Friday, they are always eager to direct you to the best parties, and which ones to watch out for. Not that we were looking for a party, mind you.

For example, we were hailed by a group of about 10 that knew nothing of us, and we didn't know them as well.

"Hey over there!" One girl shrieked. We turned around.
"What??" Ryan yelled in return.
"Dudes...there was like this...thing...where people were like...totally!" A guy stumbled over and says, ushering us to walk with them for a bit.
" mean party?" Steve said kindly, being thrusted suddenly into the flow with this guys' talk and walk.
"Dude!!! Yeah!!! There's like a really good one about a mile of the road or's like got these little glasses and shit..." At this point he holds his hands up, indicating the width between his fingers about 2 inches.
"Shot glasses, 'dude'." I say, rolling my eyes. Ryan doesn't notice, but instead seems transfixed by the mans' stupidity.

"Was the party good?" Ryan said eagerly. I just groaned and slapped my head, trying to ignore the fact that we were encouraging this idiot to talk.
"Dude, it was the sweetest mutha' party I've ever been to man! I mean serious! It was off the hooook! Woooord."

A few minutes after this, we held back, and they all stumbled on. I was very happy to disburse of that moronic conversation.

It was rather funny though, like watching a late-night clown show. That was how most of the 35-minute walk went. I mean us wandering into a bunch of drunken people, having off-the-wall conversations, and then finally returning here, to the dorm hall.

* * *

After midnight they check for ID's before you are allowed in the dorm building, and Steve didn't have his. So therefore he was thinking about making a break for the stairs if they asked him. As it ended up, I signed him in and said he was spending the night with me. When I looked to Ryan to ask if he wanted to sign him in he just backed away, hands up saying "Nuh-uh girl! YOU sign him in! I ain't like that!" I just laughed and signed my name.

It was fun, and although I was upset because my roommate went to a Toga Party and then went to a drinking party to get plastered, I knew that life was still going to go on.

Although, my roommate isn't back yet and it's 2 AM now.