Thursday, September 02, 2004

100 Things About Me

100 Things about me?!?! Gheeze, that was fast! I bet a couple of you are thinking:
"Wasn't it just '50 Things About Me' a couple of days ago?"

I've also added a few "Extras" in some numbers, labeling all the additional numbers "a" and "b". :-) You'll see in a little bit.

And, if you get to the bottom without passing out or falling asleep, I'll allow you to post ONE comment. :-)


100 Things About Me

1. I am a happy person
2. I smile when I think of something funny.
3. Sometimes people are suspicious of number 2 - This makes me smile more.
4. I don't get bored easily, I'm entertained all of the time.
5. I enjoy living in a fairly large city, although my town where I grew up had a population of less than 16,000.
6. I have many friends.
7. I go to college.
8. I wake up right away to my alarm; most people I know wake up 15 minutes later.
9. Children scare me.
10. It upsets me when a child is crying for reasons I cannot understand.
11. My feet and hands are always ice cold, no matter what time of year.
12. I read Stephen King.
12a. I also enjoy reading the Harry Potter series. Can't get enough, actually. :-)
13. On my first quiz in my first college with the first teacher, I got a score of 10 out of 10. (A+)
14. I am proud of number 13, it makes me feel I started off my college career right.
15. I enjoy watching movies.
16. I enjoy watching people who are easily frightened by scary movies, for I am not.
17. When I leave the room I always leave the light on.
18. My computer is not on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
19. Sometimes my friends do not think number 18 is true.
20. My major is Computer Programming in the college I'm attending.
20a. Actually it is longer than just "Computer Programming", but this is what I tell the general public.
21. I taught myself HTML when I was in 8th grade.
22. I love computers.
23. I am currently single.
24. I believe in God.
25. In my point of view I accept everyone for who they are whether they are black, white, disabled or blind; it doesn't matter to me.
26. I have a friend who is blind -- He is a very funny person.
27. I love being around people, but I'm better listening than being the center of attention.
27a. I feel the center of attention is another persons' job.
28. Being in a BIG group of people (10 or more) makes me nervous, so I stay quiet until someone talks to me.
29. I am currently unemployed.
30. I was never in a car accident, just a sledding accident.
31. The sledding accident was the most pain I have ever been in my life.
32. Sometimes I still have dreams about hitting that tree at full speed; I wake up physically scared.
33. I am mortally afraid of choking in my sleep; it has happened to me once in the past.
34. I love writing E-Mails.
35. I think funny thoughts.
36. I feel everyone can be funny if the right moment comes along.
37. I believe that laughing will make you lose weight because of the muscles that contract your stomach are the same stimulation as if you are doing crunches.
38. I own a car.
39. It is a '94 Ford Taurus, white.
39a. It also has 127,000 miles on it.
40. In the future I plan to own a better car.
41. I set high ambitions for myself.
42. I get upset if I do not meet these goals.
43. I plan to learn everything there is to know about computers.
44. I'm serious about number 43.
45. I feel a great accomplishment if I can properly fix someone's computer.
46. I also feel greatly accomplished for the day if I did all of my homework in its entirety.
47. I feel I’ve failed my school if I didn’t do it all.
48. I love my family.
49. I think Shai M. is part of my family.
50. I love her as much as I love my brother, my mother and father.
51. I do not have a best friend.
52. I love playing PlayStation2.
53. I love being entertained by other people, for example: stand-up comedy.
54. I am addicted to the Internet.
55. I've had 2 jobs.
55a. At the Dollar Store as a clerk
55b. At ESDA. (Emergency Services and Disaster Agency)
56. I am very forgetful.
57. I am able to go to the bathroom on my own, thank you.
58. In high school, I was president of two clubs.
59. One of them didn't really matter to me; the other one did.
60. I went to Nationals in an event because I can type really fast.
60a. This happened in a club I was president in - FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America); it also happened in my Senior year of High School.
61. I can type 120 words per minute on a good day.
62. My fastest is 157 words per minute, and I haven't checked to see how fast I type in a long time.
63. When I was a freshman in high school, I got a certificate for being the fastest typer.
64. On the certificate, it said I typed 74 words per minute as my fastest in the class that year.
65. I had to actually go and get the certificate so that I could tell you the above fact on number 64. :-)
66. I have worked with enough of the "general public" to last me a lifetime.
67. When I was younger, our first dog (Brandy) who lived for 16 years (even before I was born) died.
67a. I thought I killed him because I gave him a part of my "Ice Pop" (like frozen Kool-Aide) just a few hours before he passed away. I never told anyone this fact.
68. I prefer vanilla over chocolate.
69. I don't like Bush.
70. I got a 22 on my ACT.
70a. I am not a good "Standardized Test Taker", one reason why I dislike Bush.
71. I was number 64 in my class of 236, which my mother was very proud of.
72. It takes a lot to get me upset or mad at someone. If you have been successful at this, congratulations.
73. I love listening to music.
74. I'm a sucker for all the new hits, even if they include Hillary Duff, Ashlee Simpson or Britney Spears.
75. I'm also a sucker for all the movies and previews for those movies.
76. My thinking is if I see enough previews, I will eventually go and see the movie. The power of suggestion is very good.
77. My favorite food is ice-cream.
78. I think I got this trait from my grandmother, who eats ice-cream a lot.
79. She is also the only grandparent living currently.
80. My middle name is Frances.
80a. Maybe this hurricane that is currently hitting Florida will make me famous. :-)
80b. There was just a child born and her mother made her middle name be Frances also. Told you. :-)
81. I have solved the Rubik’s Cube.
82. No, I didn't cheat. It just took me awhile and very boring moments when I had dialup internet connection.
83. This one time, I had only begun to go somewhere and when I got halfway there, I forgot what I was going for. This has only happened to me once.
84. I remember that I had been going to the fridge to get more ice, still thinking about a paper I had to write when I was a Junior in high school, and I forgot.
84a. It was probably the fact that I was also hungry upon coming to that food demon.
85. I love food.
86. I wear contacts.
87. So does everyone in my family.
88. My brother does not have to wear glasses nor contacts.
89. I think the word 'hate' is a very strong word. I don't like using it; instead, I use "don't like" or "dislike".
90. I got some of my ideas for this post from the LiveJournal thing about you. It's on a lot of my friends' LiveJournal's.
91. I am a perfectionist to a point.
92. I also have to be fidgeting if I'm not doing something; i.e. when not typing, I'm playing with my watch, etc.
93. Playing with my watch is a big fidgeting point for me.
94. I don't eat a lot of candy.
95. I love scaring little kids on Halloween.
95a. This one year I dressed up all in black and sat on our porch. I taped a sign to our door that said "Sorry not home, candy over here" with an arrow pointing to me with a bowl of candy. I flopped my arms out to make it look like I was stuffed, and I scared little kids all night long whenever they came close to the bowl. If I realized they were too little and might start screaming or hurt themselves if they were scared, I just stayed still until they got their candy and left.
96. I read all of my friends blogs that I have a link to almost everyday.
97. I love watching TV.
98. I'm addicted all all of the TV's "Reality" shows, like Survivor, Big Brother, etc.
99. I also love CSI, CSI: Miami and ER. I have watched ER faithfully (almost religiously) for the past couple of years.
100. I enjoy writing in this blog. :-)