Friday, August 06, 2004

Wear a Hat

Well, this one does seem sort of care-free and innocent, does it not?

I'm sure you are all thinking:
"My, this will be a not-so-funny post out of Yolanea today, considering how boring it is to wear and talk about a hat."

I'm here to make you cringe at this fact. You will no longer view wearing a hat as innocent and care-free. You will scream in horror or be peeing your pants in laughter after I tell you this story.

We went to Atlantic City, New Jersey for vacation this year. It was beautiful, and of course everyone knows that Atlantic City is famous for inspiring the ever-popular board game "Monopoly".

Either way, there is also a Game Pier in Atlantic City (Amidst all of the Casinos and Bars) called "Steel Pier".

For one thing, I'm not sure why they would name that place the "Steel" Pier, when indeed it is made entirely of a concrete/cement mixture. Not even CLOSE to steel.

Anyways, as my brother and I were frolicking around this pier, spending our money like billionaires, I came across a game where the prize was the number one. It was this large, purple and blue striped, fuzzy-on-the-outside hat, and I wanted one.

Here is a picture:

So I go up to the counter and pay the girl 2 dollars to play the game.

As it ended up, I won.

Now, there was no Tequila involved with the making of this blog entry, nor was I high when I won, and I hadn't had any alcohol what-so-ever when I chose this hat.

Of course, my brother was laughing his head off when I chose this hideous ensemble as my token of prize, and I told him off by saying that the rest of the time we were there, I would wear this hat. (Luckily we were only there for two more days, and one of them was already half over)

Eager as a schoolchild, I cram it onto my head, and it easily droops down to my eyes, as if the hat were made for a person with a 42-inch around head.

At first I was not happy, but then I realized that if I carefully tilted the hat at a 45-degree angle on my head and tucked all of my hair inside, the hat would stay on.

As it turned out, I got no less than 20 comments about my hat between those two days, while I proudly marched up and down the Boardwalk. Although most comments were nice, I still have a vivid memory of a woman pointing and laughing as she went by.

I spun around on my heel at that comment and yelled, "Yeah, I know you're jealous of this beauty!"