Tuesday, August 03, 2004

-- This Space Reserved --

Well I thought if snotty rich people who stayed with us in Caesars Palace (when I went on vacation) could have reserved seating, reserved booking, and reserved...places, then I figured I could get them back by reserving a place for myself!



They just don't understand the genius way my brain works.

Stuff 2 Do Today:
1. Kill Brother
2. Heal Brother
3. Play PlayStation2
4. Unpack from Vacation
5. Create 101 Things About Me (?)

* * *

I also wanted to touch on the amount of websites who has this thing that is "101 Things About Me" on their blog.

Kind of creepy, but for some reason I am seriously drawn to blogs that have these lists of things about them! Most are funny and surely people don't actually list 101 Things About -- Them.

Does it sound like a good idea?