Monday, July 19, 2004

Go to the Movies

I had the pleasure today to go and view the ever-popular "I-Robot".
Very interesting movie.
What is good about going to the movies is that you can see it with (or, without) whomever you wish.  You can go with your family, your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend!  It doesn't matter who you go with, but it is really interesting to watch other people at the movies.
There are a few categories of people you see at the movies, but I will just name a few for your reading pleasure.
1.  The Snort-Laughing-At-Not-Funny-Parts Type
This type I happened to come across during my movie-going experience.  Now, there are not that many funny parts in this new release.  It is about Robots, taking over the world.  End of story.
And most of all, Not Funny.
There are few people who snort while they laugh, and at a particularly humorous part during the movie, this woman started guffawing, and snorting.  At the same time.  After about five minutes she stopped, and all the while I missed Will Smith blowing up a few more robots.
2.  The Loud-Talking-During-Entire-Movie Type
I couldn't figure out whether this particular group of males sitting directly behind me was deaf to the ear or just enjoy yelling as if they are sitting at opposite ends of a football stadium. 
Seriously annoying.
I was just sitting there, minding my own business - when I snapped. 
I turn around and let out a chosen stream of curse words, all the while I see my parents sitting in the background, horrified that their own child would do this sort of thing.  I take my package of Gummy-Bears and start chucking them at the guy who was talking loudest and within my "throwing range", one at a time.  Feeling much better after I relieved myself from about half the bag of gummy-bears, I sit down, angrily biting off a green bears' head.
At least, this is what I should have done.
Instead, I stare more intently at the screen, squeezing a gummy-bear until it's eyes bulged.
There are also, more random categories that I could go into further detail, especially about people who like to annoy others sitting behind them by wearing tall hats, like the one's only Dr. Seuss should wear.

For now, I'll leave it at those two categories, and be sure to watch out next time you go to a movie theatre, for you might become Blog Fodder.