Monday, July 05, 2004

Deface Government Property

Well, Here's something that I really don't recommend, but it popped up in a conversation when I worked a few days ago.

Here's how it went:

"Hello, Sir, is this it for you today?"
"Yes, I'm afraid it is."
(I ring up his merchandise)
"Okay, that'll be $7.32" (Something like that)
"Alright." (Hands me a $10)

Now when I get two $1 bills from the register, I notice that one of them is marked with a LOT of red ink, but I couldn't make out what was on it.

"Okay, and your change is 2 dollars and 68 cents." (I hand him the money)

He rifles through it, I guess to make sure it is indeed the two dollars like I said it was, and he spots the massive amount of red ink.
"Oh hey, look at this one!" He holds out the red dollar bill, and I notice that it has been stamped about a million times with the same thing.
"What's that website?" I ask, staring at the blaring red ink all saying the same thing: 'Visit'.
"Oh, well I've heard of these thingy-ies before," He says, getting excited "It means that you can log on to that website and log this bill in and see where it has been!"

At this point I'm having severe difficultly at restraining myself from rolling my eyes.

"Well, that's great! Good luck!" I say, pretending to be enthusiastic about it. Suddenly, his face falls.
"Oh, well..."
"What's the problem?" I say, also frowning.
"Why do people deface government property anyways?"

I stand up straighter, looking as if someone had slapped me in the face. Man this guy went from excited to upset in about the time span of 3 minutes.

"Well, I mean, I didn't do it!" I say, as if he had been accusing me.

And then I got to thinking --
Why DO people do that? And where would you get a stamp like that? I never knew if he ever logged that bill in, because I have never seen him since, but if you ever get bored, I guess you could buy the "" stamps...

Buy Where's George Rubber Stamps

Oh, wait.


You can't.

I guess they, too, got in trouble for defacing government property.

Shame on them!